Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert




Our Insta Follow is an Instagram account we deem watch worthy! Two words. BAT! GIO! Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert, or BatGio, is an Italian fashion editor, stylist, and a creative director and consultant to luxury brands on their products and imagery! Basically, she has the ultimate job and lifestyle; Senior Fashion Editor at Vouge Japan, contributing editor at W Magazine, and author of the soon to be released book, "Gio_Graphy" (we pre-ordered our's months ago)! Check out her monthly column in W Magazine, “Gio’s Journal,” which records her latest art and fashion discoveries.


Not only is her style impeccable, she has an incredible sense of humor that can be seen in how she dresses herself and others, photographs, and InstaStories! She melds high luxury fashion with quirky fun! She often posts videos of her and her sister, @sara_battaglia (they call themselves the "BAT sisters"), playing dress-up and goofing around! We love that she doesn't seem to take herself too seriously! A true Haute Shot Cool!

XO Mol