Know an interesting fact. One go-to great story!  Before you go to any city/event/building google where you're going and have a story about it.

FORD technique: Family, occupation, recreation, dreams

"I like your style" 

NOT to talk about: Current Event (most people don't want to think about whats going on in the world when their trying to relax)

Weather!  Cliched but everyone can talk about it!  Not just "it's hot out there!" but know what it's suppose to be in the next couples days!

Feel out your crowd--know your age group!  

Interesting cocktail!  That way you can fall back on the toddy your holding!  

If someone is rambling--let 'em ramble and think of a "tack-on" about what they are talking about

"someone told me" blah blah blah 

1. Do your homework!  Before you go anywhere when you know your going into a situation where you may not know people but will most likely have to converse!  Research the building your going to, the town/city/neighborhood, 


2  Do you come here often?  

3. How did they arrive here tonight?  Uber, taxi, train, car

4.  Who are you with?  

5.  What are you doing this weekend?

6.  Comment on your surroundings

7.  Did you growup here?